It can be frustrating to have your key stuck in a lock. However, if nothing is broken inside the lock, removing a stuck key is usually not too difficult. Moreover, an old key with sharp burrs and ridges can be tough to use. This can happen to anyone, regardless of how long you’ve used your key. Most likely, you have not been paying attention to the needs of your lock, such as cleaning and lubrication. The fact is, when it happens, it happens.

Reasons why a Key can Get Stuck!

  • The key may be worn out, keeping it trapped in the keyhole.
  • It may not be well cut-out.
  • The lock itself is damaged.
  • You used the wrong key.
  • You turned the key wrongly.
  • Pins inside the lock need lubrication.
  • Perhaps, a strange object has been inserted into the keyhole.
  • If the keyhole is loose.

Tips to Get a Stuck Key out a Lock

Take a deep breath and try one of these easy fixes instead of forcing the key into the lock.

  • Carefully handle the key to prevent it from breaking. Also, avoid forcing the key out of the lock or forcing out the door lock.
  • Lubricate the Key Lock: Before you spray some lubricants (preferably a silicone-based one), first focus on the keyhole and spray directly into it. Then try to jiggle the key following an up and down movement and gently pull out the key.
  • Target the Loose Keyplug: Be sure the key is in the right position for proper alignment. Then hold the circle around the keyway, carefully turn, and pull out the key.

It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to leave your door unlocked, or maybe the key got stuck while the door is locked. Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily have to solve the problem yourself. Let the key be, and try getting an affordable locksmith for professional help.

Why Should You Contact Affordable Locksmith in Florida?

If all attempts to remove the key have failed, the advice is to seek professional help from a locksmith near you instead of breaking the key or the door. The solution may likely be simple, yet you might have done much damage while trying to tackle the issue yourself, even before you realize it.

A professional locksmith usually has the required tools and experience to solve a lock problem quickly. Sometimes, people damage their keys, locks, or doors because they lack the knowledge to handle the situation. If you reach out to a locksmith near you in Florida, you can save the stress and prevent further damage.

Affordable Lock

It can be frustrating when your key is lodged in the key plug, but you need not panic. Remember, asking for help is okay if it seems beyond your control. Professionals can fix the problem within an hour, depending on the fault.

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